Calgary Co-op Flyer - 10/01-10/07/2020 (Page 6)

vaches vache the laughing cow bebes deli maple lodge chicken breast or cajun sliced fresh honey ham or old fashioned sliced fresh tloughing the laughing laughing cow vor 133g or dippers 4's assorted varieties vacher cose lesen balderson cheddar select varieties starting at hetos cathedral city mature cheddar or extra mature 2009 saunders family form real saunders lumino greek salad him cathedral saunders cheese jellies assorted varieties city applented cheddar freybe freybe pepper salam salah au poivre mungabuan lalahi hongron freybe sliced meats assorted varieties applewood smoked cheddar meals ready to go new founders & farmers fresh homestyle soup assorted varieties founders et & farmers founders farmers new chick noodl tounders tearmers sandwiches cranberry chicken on rye or turkey brie on ciabatta nanas samosas thai chicken cal & gary's artisan bread grandmother's butter tarts 540g assorted varieties cale sarys bakery made bresh en-store baked pumpkin pie with whipping cream sushi in-store cream puffs package of 4-12 sourdough bread baked fresh in-store made fresh in-store cal & gary's naan bread assorted varieties berliner rye bread or select varieties cale garys cale garys cale garys whole wheat naan died in gmary traditional naan baaked in caalgaary mini artisan rolls package of 12 save new ways to save ware moto bigi deae bogo mangan eveni sale 3ray 4day price cut days special event wards wk40-pg.6

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