Calgary Co-op Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 4)

organic avocadoes imported hass variety cantaloupe or honeydew melon product of usa organic alb fresh produce red or black plums product of usa ranier cherries product of usa lemons imported alb mangoes imported royal gala apples product of usa green peppers product of usa for extra fancy mushrooms alberta grown guacamole dips nugget potatoes bc grown canada no.1 best best made in store from the west from the west alb organic taste the goodness best from the earth earthbone west organic raspberries or blackberries product of usa no.1 grade garthbound farm organk organic romaine hearts product of usa 1lb clamshell bc grown earthbound farms organic salad blends product of usa bbq best florale | best from the west for royal bouquet crazy daisy bc grown oriental lilies mix 'n match assorted floral bunches cale garys made fresh en-store strawberry shortcake triple layer 7" size baked bakery in-store cal & gary's garlic bread made fush in-store best from the west fybx3 calgary italian best bakery coliseum top cut hot dog west buns baked זחכססואז dempster's hot dog or hamburger buns package of 12 from the in-store inayாக sempliers cog hamburger or hot dog buns white or 60% whole wheat coliseum stile hot dog buns palnih onne byblos tandoori naan bread 1kg eurger black forest ham or old fashioned ham sliced fresh in-store mini babybel assorted varieties fubgier καθμός rs deli babybel byber arla havarti cut or sliced fresh in-store wessel misley trerealsa erine fresh is best salsa or spinach or smokey bean dips varieties tulip cheese while quantities last! cathedral city maturi cathedral vensleyaz city mature assorted varieties fresh is best new cathedral city cheddar assorted varieties dinner deli erom the fingers and your favorite dressing for an easy dinner from the deli

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