Calgary Co-op Flyer - 04/16-04/22/2020 (Page 3)

where members earn every day! calgary's food store since 1956 co-op one ber lean ground beef chicken legs back attached only alberta beef ль value pack ground by your local butcher alb free run and air chilled tomatoes on the vine alberta grown canada no.1 besi from the west long english cucumbers bes! alberta grown canada no.1 from the west pastazara coca-cola pastazara pepsi pasta zara pasta pasta zara pasta coca cola or pepsi soft drinks family familial hawkins famous sidekicks nors sidekicks sidekicks on sidekoeks lay's cotorspiral free the derette classic classique cheezies for cheezies knorr sidekicks orale ban zo la kamor lay's potato chips select varieties me 93 nano co-op connect your email to get exclusive member offers www prices in effect april wk16-pg.1

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