Calgary Co-op Flyer - 04/16-04/22/2020 (Page 4)

vegetable steamers microwave ready fresh cut in-store select varieties extra sancy gala apples product of western canada $1 off ль fresh produce the expa fresh esh press fresh express salad blends select varieties express green & criss verte et croustillan tware fresh russet potatoes dissertatines mes i tersebut navel oranges product of usa fancy grade vegetable pasta fresh cut in store select varieties tri pack peppers alberta grown from west organic organic organic organic cartoon thbound strawberries earthbound farms salads select varieties avocados celery hearts product of usa fresh garlic imported mini watermelon imported carrots product of usa fresh lemons product of usa fancy grade floral royal bouquet tulips product of western canada orchids bakery gourmet muffins baked fresh instore assorted varieties berry shortcake real cream berry or fruit tarts made in-store chocolate brownie pie slice or bourbon pecan resolution best west on the wss byblos bakery tandoori naan breads calgary italian bakery famiglia bread dempster's whole grain bread or signature assorted varieties garlic bread deli feature cheese take bake castillo tickler this is an extra mature cheddar carefully matured for up to 17 months and made by our expert castello cheese makers kerrygold irish cheese assorted varieties flatbread pizza assorted varieties flatbread pizza cabernet sauvignon tickler cheddar for best from the resers salads assorted varieties key 299 west cuddy turkey breast assorted varieties wk16-pg2

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