Calgary Co-op Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 4)

pineapple imported nugget potatoes bc grown canada no.1 best from the west fresh produce sojey pure goodness mandarin oranges imported nectarines product of usa canada honeydew imported cantaloupe imported ль alb asparagus product of usa green beans product of usa alb qomouentes gen frich made busch in-store romaine hearts product of usa diced pineapple bresh exress fresh express salad kits product of usa kita organic taste the goodness best west best from the from the organic peaches west from the west founders farmers best organic organic cherries bc grown 2ib bag bc grown peaches founders & farmers organic grape or cherry tomatoes вво best half dozen roses with gyp dozen roses rose lily bouquet bakery floral | 13 marm founders farmers baked fush in store gourmet muffins or select varieties cherry pre cherry baked fash in-store baked shock dn-store founders & farmers cherry or saskatoon berry pie cheddar bread baked in-store baked isk in-store dempster's whole grain breads for peach pie 6" size select varieties value pack chocolate chip cookies pack of 24 select varieties dempsters canadian rye bread or assorted varieties 450g deli res potato sad loaded baked potato salad sala ipsnis prepared in-store pulled chicken kentes porto sad reser's salads 1.25kg assorted varieties enes tene elbow μονα sade deco prepared in-store yahoo! bbot maple lodge chicken breast assorted varieties sliced fresh in-store galbani bocconcini assorted varieties galbani bocconcini laughing cow regular or herb & garlic 24's air order online at

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