Calgary Co-op Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 5)

meat bbq only alberta bese lean ground cal & gary's chuck burgers pork loin centre made in-store chops bone in also available at full service meat counters cale garys with the pork best lean ground pork value pack ground in-store fresh daily 100% western canadian ль best west beef beef kabobs simmering short ribs maple leaf prime rwa with vegetables value pack aged 14 days cut from canada aa beet whole roasting chicken or higher chicken drumsticks value pack and air chilled only chickies autoeta alb only beef alberta only beef alberta from the cale garys pork only alberta beef turkey breast boneless skinless or turkey breast cutlets medium ground beef value pack ground in-store daily wild organic chinook salmon fillets farmed also available at full service seafood counters organic halibut fillets also available at full seafood service counters seafood every day is better with pancakes meat ele pickerel fillets frozen lobster claws thawed also available at full service seafood counters tilapia fillets farmed also available at full service seafood counters waterview market chef lynn crawford shrimp & sauce frozen surto awamux crentin ocean mama shrimp gyoza's frozen shrimp crevettes salmon village smoked nuggets thawed brush with sauce before flipping & grilling 3 minutes more cale garys steak spice cale cale garys garys mitchells beyond sausage cheddar cheese sud horse olesko cal & gary's horseradish or steak spice beef burgers beyond meat italian sausage or ground thawed smoked sausage yahoo! best from the west natural when natural top dogs harvest wieners family pack 1kg lilydale pork or breakfast sausage thawed maple leaf top dog wieners 375g or natural select sliced meats 175g alb olivier janes ultimates janes ultimas nord skillet checchi apoeler muloheils moheils wings elit bites tit mustale bbq ess janes ultimates breaded chicken or chicken wings frozen mitchell's country style classic ham boneless 1.5kg olivieri gnocchi or flat pasta pizza tonight bbq a bbq pizza tonight wx28.pg3

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