Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/28-06/03/2020 (Page 4)

fresh produce nectarines or peaches ilb kiwi product of usa kiwi fruit organic or 21b bag conventional imported noi grade imported no.1 grade extra fancy whole seeded watermelon imported average weight 20lbs pink lady apples product of usa from the farm basil made west alberta grown paradise hill farm en store best beefsteak hot from the house tomatoes west off alberta grown spreads canada no.1 guacomole fruit dips per cahay best living lettuce from the west alberta grown best canada no.1 from the founders & farmers west peppers best alberta grown from the west best paradise hill founders farmers founders farmers founders & farmers long english cucumbers alberta grown organic taste the goodness royal gal 31b earthbound farm salads product of usa gala apples product of usa 3lb bag extra fancy organic earthbound earthbound organic avocadoes imported organic mix'n match royal bouquet roses dozen bakery floral made fresh tiramisu cream cake en store made with real cream baked dn-store founders farmers baked fresh in store founders & farmers apple pie cream puffs berliner rye bread 450g or assorted varieties pempster panini buns dempster's whole grain or signature bread select varieties dempstes dempster's bagels select varieties bagels baked dempsters in-store ancient gram babyber coubel honey ham sliced fresh in-store made besk in-store deli babybel take and bake opera bull babybe babette flatbread pizza assorted varieties babybel mastro genda de genes prepared in-store gouda bcbyter maistro mastro italian deli meats assorted varieties geudo babyber gesonde genes loaded baked potato salad mini babybel assorted varieties off | one fresh ingredient 53s vanuighly everything you need in one convenient location wk 22-pg2

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