Calgary Co-op Flyer - 02/25-03/03/2021 (Page 4)

glazed donuts bakery baked nuk en store baked ush en store apple petite strudels or assorted varieties kaiser or panini rolls baked hush in store grar dempster dexar o demon dempster's bread or whole wheat white founders farmers dempste ctekas to dempsters founders & farmers banana bread or banana chocolate chip loaf cake country harvest breads assorted varieties 14gri white burns pepperoni salami or touple ham dell sliced rs deli roast beef deli sliced regular or garlic maple lodge chicken deli sliced select varieties boursin and heroes garlic&fine home mode coolwich tomtom wemat bok wogewich boursin balis jarissa woolwich goat cheese jarlsberg 250g or random boursin assorted varieties meals ready to go colossal sandwiches halves red potato or sour cream & macaroni salad flatbread pizza assorted varieties plant based prices cut cale gar oliver cale garys cali garys meat skillet succhi apoêler angus natural smoked ham jamson fumi nature burgers olivieri fresh filled pasta skillet gnocchi cal & gary's fully cooked meatballs maple leaf natural smoked ham sol cuisine plant based burgers swift swiss chalet swift janes swift swift pub style chicken swiss strips swift trio sliced meat variety pack 375g shop online swift pot pies or turkey frozen janes pub style breaded chicken or chicken wings swiss chalet fully cooked smoky bbq pork back ribs easy.fresh.local wk17-pg.4

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