Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 2)

blueberries imported cal & gary's mango salsa talei best garys from the west made in-store fresh produce mangoes imported gala apples bc grown 5lb krown red grapefruit 5lb bag product of usa fancy mini watermelon imported gratuit krown semana cale! garys grapefruit navel oranges imported fancy alb made fresh in-store carrots зb bag product of usa made brush in-store cal & gary's watermelon spears or diced 48oz 3lb bolthouse farms made in-store cal & gary's bbq grillers assorted varieties cale celery sticks trimmed & washed cals garys trail garys cas garys cauliflower product of usa made in-store romaine hearts founders farmers founders & farmers potatoes red or yellow 5lb bag product of canada cean mist roase foundersstarmers red potatots pommereteile roug masi 5lb caesar original earthbound farm organic earthbound organic arugula baby spinach jeune eduard foundlaszfarmers soquette satakit just add romaine low potatoes sada no ponede terreaune best mada no.1 romaine hearts et tu caesar salad kits product of usa from the west earthbound farm salad kits product of usa taste the goodness organic organic cal-organic organic baby carrots 1lb bag product of usa earthbound farm organic earthbound farm organic ganic.orggole gelery hearts baberedt carros carottes cotpees celery hearts organic celery hearts product of usa od to organic avocados imported floral we support local ghowers so brightening someone's day best from the west 13" deluxe planter alberta grown 4.5" dahlia plants alberta grown best from the west 13" hanging basket alberta grown best best from the west best from the west from the west best from the west 4" annuals alberta grown 4" herbs alberta grown specialty plants alberta grown best west best fro west

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