Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 4)

made awesome cakes assorted varieties en store bakery baked in store based apple strudels or assorted varieties on-store canadian harvest bread grab grae ancien everything tout garni dempsters dempsters gruniry tortillas tortillas dempster's tortilla wraps package of 10 pacient grains cereal squares assorted varieties country harvest breads or bagels deli roast beef select varieties deli sliced honey ham or old fashioned deli sliced sobra sabra hummus assorted varieties sobra sabra classic iarcuterie trio charcuterie trio sabra dated botswell bothwell dhili pepe libarkin erbs bothwell non-gmo cheddar assorted varieties mozzarella bothwell variety pack menteri mastro charcuterie trio meals ready to go starting at cale! garys family size caesar salad or garden or spring mix made enstoile family pack cal & gary's family size chicken pot pie off sushi family 2kg pack buchli oliver berklig meat comen skillet hocu apoêler hallmark bandeig bisnes sri ahogs delius harga olivieri filled & flat fresh pasta or skillet gnocchi • mitchell's bun sized wieners or pepperoni sticks hallmark • seasoned chicken drumsticks • 2kg frozen buddig sliced meats works out to $1.25ea janes ultimates cal& garys plant based family раск cale parys her janes arimad roca niss janes altimal cale garys ஆயபடி bites original mozzarella johnsonville janes ultimates chicken fillets bites or wings 900g frozen cal & gary's brown rice & mozzarella burger or meatless burger sausage pogos 1.5kg frozen bbq best want authentic indian flavour? warm naan bread on the grill or cook fresh dough for taste just like the tandoor

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