Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2021 (Page 3)

fancy melons galia or orange honeydew imported extra fancy royal gala apples imported fresh produce 1019 alb alb lemons product of usa 4for cale garys price cut cal & gary's mixed melon heaven detox elixir frutta made ene-store well juice detox or elixir shot bartlett pears imported avocados imported alb fruti green beans imported ль first of the season best from the west nugget potatoes calei bc grown garys alb bbm canada made cals garys cauliflower product ot usa best en store west hail cal & gary's red or yellow diced onions cals says hail fourter te olis red or white onions imported cale garys fresh express sweet butt radish 11b bag alberta grown canada no.1 quite beurte do excale gary cale powere garys cals veggies steam garys steam veggies powered veggies cal & gary's vegetable steamers assorted varieties fresh express veggie lovers amateur de legumes powered made fresh fresh express salad blends product of usa in-store off organic organic mushrooms alberta grown canada no.1 taste the goodness organic strawberries imported greers kiwi veri organic best from the west oro best baby bella sliced mushrooms alberta grown inoma west svg organic kiwi fruit lib bag imported classic bouquet | floral 5" orchid spray roses men ways to save ware event big deae bogo sale sale save big event spay 4day price cut days watros special

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