Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2021 (Page 6)

hreddies grocery love crunch original originale retation ice place unce blend juke blend place starbucks post cereal select varieties ocean spray cranberry juice select varieties select varieties nature valley crunchy cream wheat cream vrou cusher bold »n baked extra exquis ticho dheese image nacho minutes yoy origo breton ort cream of wheat hot cereal nature valley granola bars or betty crocker select varieties bold'n baked crackers plan fudge muncies lemon roc bull doritos red bull chips! fiji suo ahoy for christie or dare cookies select varieties fiji water • 6x500ml select varieties doritos • ruffles potato select varieties red bull energy drink • 4x250ml select varieties best best from the west from the west pancake & waffle mix crisp minis melange a crepes et a gaufres bremaid honey canader butter loorths bcomod honey crnades kitkat coyote pancake & waffle mix pancake syrup 710ml select varieties beemaid honey 1kg select varieties nestle chocolate bars select varieties shed caramel caramel sale chipits robin hood all purpos ed smith meet chipits chipits flour cherry original selection pudding cups select varieties duncan hines cake brownie mix or icing select varieties hershey's chipits • select varieties robin hood flour 2.5kg or ed smith ple filling 540ml • select varieties durat det more catelu smart det mente minute © rice del monte catelu det them del marta hciliana smart del monte fruit select varieties del monte vegetables select varieties catelli pasta ancient grain healthy harvest select varieties world cuisine pasta sauce 530ml or minute select varieties forte best organic stagg from the west picile clic chili her pucilic chicken broth stagg stagg chili pusi chili avite basque mazolas mazola mazola pacific organic soup or broth select varieties little creek salad dressing • 295ml or • french's ketchup • 1.5l select varieties mazola oil select varieties select varieties brands exclusive to calgary coop founders farmers founders farmers founders farmers new founders farmers laked light tum tema key chunk ligh dunk legy founders & farmers pickles il select varieties founders & farmers grated parmesan or extra virgin olive oil 1l select varieties • founders • & farmers tomatoes 796ml or tomato • sauce 398ml • select varieties founders & farmers light tuna select varieties shine may 24-june 20 get a free car wash find your summer turtle see in-store for details save with the purchase of any 5-pack car wash wk32-pg.6

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