Calgary Co-op - Black Friday 2020 Flyer - 11/26-12/02/2020 (Page 5)

castello mix & $20 deli match "purchase individual products for $5 each plus enter to sf fresh goat or honey ham or old fashioned ham sliced fresh cuddy turkey breast select varieties sliced fresh woolwich goat cheese boursin 150g assorted varieties doces auresin woolwich amique set fresh goat de romage de chev apate molly fras woolwich coats win last castello slate cheeseboard "see in-store for details castelo brie castello brie castello camemberi castello danish brie or brie garlic pepper or camembert castello castello castello tickler castelo cnetoer cheodar savoury onion cheddar or tickler cheddar or black pepper cheddar oursin castello strane castello danish blue wedge castello creamy blue cheese boursin ali polage de chevre pate molle fras garlic & fine herbs lesley stowes raincoast crisps butter chicken sabra made cal & gary's family size chicken pot pie family size in-store serves sabra classic classique gar sabra classic hummus pot family size caesar salad or spring mix & beet or garden meals ready to go curatamon family size pack guacamole samos best xavidadd-avocat samosas west cedars deli samosas assorted varieties yucatan guacamole 454g assorted varieties ramed butterflake rolls package of 12 pack en store 10" mince fruit pie pack mini cookies assorted or kids pack package of 12 bakery raked maked in store in store pack cereal squares assorted varieties cake donuts package of 12 assorted varieties pack ikg made byblos naan bread white or whole wheat 1kg in-store barded in store זחס-טראז for awesome cakes assorted varieties made fuk in-store sunflower flax or sourdough bread for delicious appies you can make at home wk04-pg5

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