Calgary Co-op - Holidays 2020 Flyer - 12/03-12/09/2020 (Page 4)

sing meat only alberta beef only albert dude bache only pork loin rib inside round end crown marinating steak roast value pack 100% western aged 14 days canadian cut from canada aa beef or higher ль chicken legs back attached value pack air chilled pork loin sirloin chops boneless value pack 100% western canadian alb lilydale cross rib pot roast ground turkey or simmering steak value pack aged 14 days alb cut from canada aa beef or higher chicken thighs boneless skinless lilydale extra lean value pack alb ground turkey ль fresh lilydale pork or breakfast sausage previously frozen noble noble premium noble premium bison inside round bison strip loin marinating steak grilling steak noble premium lean stewing bison noble premium lean ground bison prepared in-store by your local butcher - grill & oven ready also available at full service meat counters stuffed pork tenderloin traditional breaded stuffing 100% western canadian marinated pork belly skewers 100% western canadian works out to $1.50 ea marinated beef simmering short ribs aged 14 days homestyle meatloaf cut from canada aa muffins or stuffed beef or higher peppers only alberta beef noble inside round son steak btecko interieur de ronde de biron striploin bison steak teck de contre- filet de bison noble noble bison steak cubes bafteck de beson en cubes only beef only alberta beef spolumbo's sausage with warm kale salad dil easy fast make it tonight spolumbo's breakfast sausages & bangers ingredients how to make it breakfast sausage flip and cook another 5 minutes until sausage reaches 155f • 3 tbsp sliced almonds • 4 tbsp olive oil • 2 tbsp sherry vinegar the oil until lightly golden and then mix into the kalle deglaze the pan with 1 tbsp • salt and pepper warm up to the cold with our winter sangria wkos-pg.4

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