Calgary Co-op Flyer - 03/05-03/25/2020

medication reviews pharmacist will dedicate extra time to evaluating your medications and ensure they are working together safely and effectively • are 65 or older • have a chronic condition being treated with multiple medications • experience side effects from medication • take warfarin or other blood thinners • have reduced kidney or liver function understand the importance of each of your medications co-op pharmacy price price drop drop jamieson ensure selected varieties & sizes co-op pharmacy lea jamieson chewable or more! ensure ensure ensure the lonos price drop price drop price drop claritin package of 85 or aerius package of 50 - 70 selected varieties always or tampax products selected varieties lea always underwear may claritin value pack tampax always maximum allergy claritin always discreet selected varieties package of 10 - 66 drop price price drop advil selected varieties vicks nyquil or dayquil jea selected varieties vicks vicks vaporub lig4nd east relife dayquil nyquil adv solo met te liqui-gels did you know your co-op pharmacy offers customized medication packaging your medication can be organized for you in blister pack cards services available only at participating co-op pharmacies co-opo1 week 10 pharma calco

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