Calgary Co-op Flyer - 10/15-10/21/2020 (Page 6)

the laughing cow honey ham or old fashioned ham suced fresh deli pepperoni sausage or salami sausage sliced fresh best range road sausage rings 300g or pick up sticks 250g from the west premium texas chili sausage range road divina olives assorted varieties made original original pick up sticks fresh in-store kange road laughing cow 24's assorted varieties fem anted de pnc hores home fabriel dabuber foarted gublic babybel byber gouda camour spinach dip tray land ahor mini babybel assorted varieties summer fresh topped hummus 283g assorted varieties pretzel crisps assorted varieties shack factory snack factory wool wich retzel crisos snack factory woolwich fretzel crisos machi woolwich woolwich goat mozzarella or marble or old white meals ready to go founders founders farmers farmlas mom broccol cheddar pay founders harmers new creamy tomato new founders & farmers homestyle soups assorted varieties new dell sandwiches blt on 14 grain cranberry chicken on rye or turkey on whole wheat kaiser fall harvest salad or autumn kale salad or cobb salad 7" cakes boston crème or cookies & crème made bresh daily irresistibles cheesecake 600g assorted varieties bakery baked gourmet muffins assorted varieties in-store dempster's bagels select varieties dempsters cheddar cheese buns one bains nreich baked in-store dempsters dempster's bagels petite strudels assorted varieties dempster's whole grain bread select varieties dinner tram deli family size taco kit

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