Calgary Co-op Flyer - 07/04-07/24/2019

pharmacy prescription peace of mind • cold sore therapy • vaccines • allergies • heartburn • acne and other minor ailments based on the clinical judgment of the individual may be asked to return to their doctor fo further care co-op pharmacy price drop price drop boost selected varieties quick mist original vapoeclair sea nich protein hyperprotein lea boost nicorette boost chocolate chocolat nicorette selected varieties & sizes price price drop drop price drop meta lay day lea systane mucil fibre restoralax 'refresh tears meta metamucil fibre therapy lax-a-day or restoralax systane or refresh eye drops clear care plus 360 ml price price drop drop pads or liners selected varieties package of 14 - 64 jamieson omega products salmon oil package of 210 or probiotic complex package of 30 selected varieties jamieson adult 50+ probiotic complex теа jamieson astron omega-3 essentials specially for fer complete yawa gottes did you know your local pharmacist can perform a medication review? issues and address health and safety concerns coopwacodigitalpmay

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