Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/14-05/20/2020 (Page 4)

founders farmers founders farmers founders & founders & farmers farmers cocktail tomatoes english cucumbers on the vine alberta grown alberta grown fresh produce best best founders farmers from the west west alberta grown preduce groom & hawed by local fave best home of red hat co-operative ltd frame west from west best founders & farmers hot house beefsteak tomatoes alberta grown from the west founders farmers toner tanes founders & farmers mini cucumbers alberta grown ль cucus founders t&s farmers founders & farmers butter lettuce alberta grown canada no.1 extra navel oranges product of usa fancy grade fancy bagged apples product of usa apricots product of usa calgary was first declared a city in 1884 organic organic organic kiwi imported carrots baby cut product of usa earthbound farms salad blend product of usa bomov dal carpos grab and go tomato plant alberta grown with cage best hanging basket deluxe alberta grown best west aeh west best west phone planter deluxe alberta grown best from the west annual bedding plants alberta grown select varieties best tro west orchid vegetable plants alberta grown select varieties hot dog or hamburger buns white or 60% whole cereal squares assorted varieties bakery made in store best calabrese buns or evening rolls from the west italian or multigrain italian bread millor allapse coline hot dog huns classico aan onne villaggio villaggio coliseum top cut buns locally baked baked baked fuck in-store villaggio breads or buns package of 6-8 select varieties in-store deli honey or old fashioned ham sliced fresh bellavitano assorted varieties mary's mary's original crackers assorted varieties woolwich goat cheese reser's salads varieties assorted varieties olwc orga origin wk20-pg2

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