Calgary Co-op Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 6)

thick fluffy "armstrong malerie activia qurland cottage liberte greek cheese activia armstrong martin dinyand cottage uberte greek armstrong cheese 820g select varieties dairyland cottage cheese 500ml select varieties liberté greek yogurt 750g select varieties danone activia yogurt multipack bbq best michelinas michilimas fitbowls depec eoag cholen deepen delicious original degen dg for for healthy choice simply frozen entrées & stouffers fit bowls select varieties michelina's frozen entrées kellogg's eggo waffles mccain deep & delicious frozen desserts 510g select varieties bst ornation @mation shirriff eagle brand 2% pery eagle brand nutella evaporated talk shirriff shirriff pie filling or desserts select varieties carnation evaporated milk 354ml select varieties nutella hazelnut spread eagle brand condensed milk 300ml select varieties jif jif whole grain all purpose flour ciu jif peanut butter 1kg select varieties summerland syrup 341ml select varieties rogers flour 10kg select varieties crisco oil canola or vegetable 1.42l select varieties founders saat farmers founders farmers stagg stagg chili chili ongens willmans barch tillow founders & farmers white vinegar stagg chili 425g select varieties hellmann's dressing 475ml select varieties founders & farmers mustard • 400ml decla founders farmers bense uncle bens rcan ijt bellas beatae com dwhiteto wd white tu clover leaf white tuna 170g select varieties hellmann's mayonnaise 1.42l select varieties founders & farmers white tuna 170g select varieties uncle ben's family size rice 453g select varieties uncle bens linele beats bens imagine imagire beatre mashed purée scalloped tranches bistar alenata vitanen helper uncle ben's bistro express hamburger helper or betty crocker potatoes select varieties imagine regular & organic broth 946ml-il select varieties world cuisine pasta sauce 530ml select varieties discover local smak dab smak dab hreeru wir best from the west bow valley bbq sauce 350ml select varieties smak dab mustard 250g select varieties little creek salad dressing 295ml select varieties nonna pia's balsamic glaze 250ml select varieties one-stop look for the mexican fiesta station in our deli fiesta food everything you need for tacos and nachos in one place! wk32-pg4

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