Calgary Co-op Flyer - 09/17-09/23/2020 (Page 6)

we laughinc vache vache quite noche contests for details deli back-to-school pepperoni sausage or salami sliced fresh contest the luis the laughing cow vachequirit wars laughing cow or cheese © dippers honey ham or old fashioned ham sliced fresh 8's assorted varieties greek salad prepared fresh in-store starting at piller's prosciutto or soleterra salami sliced fresh criere turkey bites piller's turkey bites assorted varieties sushi chef sampler or half & half combo or rainbow special select locations only reser's spinach dip text molot moon cheese moon cheese moon cheese assorted varieties quiche assorted varieties heat & serve flatbread pizza assorted varieties woolwich goat cheese assorted varieties woolitis woolwich html 7" cakes tiramisu or chocolate profiterole baked fresh in-store bakery baked in-store made suesk in-store kaiser rolls petite strudels assorted varieties byblos best tandoori naan bread west 1kg from the country harvest whole grain breads bybios ranlet grab lice tadoort dempster's english muffins assorted varieties or natural rye bread 500g dempsters notamla english muffins anglais miglia famiglia bread assorted varieties best country from the west extrack teccotland cal& garys must tryi wk38-pg6

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