Calgary Co-op Flyer - 01/21-01/27/2021 (Page 4)

baked break in-store baked fresh in-store bakery founders farmers baked in-store calabrese or evening rolls founders & farmers apple pie baked fresh in-store hot cross buns best from the west calgary italian bakery rye bread assorted varieties dempsters bagels marble rye bread dempster's bagels assorted varieties lor twisted italian bread everything hogar does your hunger speak walian? deli mastro rosemary ham or tuscany ham deli sliced soleterra prosciutto deli sliced marc angelo italian sliced meats assorted varieties italian cheese parmigiano reggiano provolone or pizza mozzarella select varieties honey ham or old fashioned ham deli sliced mini babybel assorted varieties όχι ρύοόες inbyder bobybel meals ready to go louncers farmer founders farmers creamy tomato colinders laima trai chicken greek or broccoli chickpea salad fall harvest salad founders & farmers homestyle fresh soup 650ml assorted varieties creamy tomato broccoli cheddar borscht founders farmers meat cao els founders & farmers fully cooked pork back ribs grimm's sliced meat selection stuffed breaded chicken cutlets schneiders sausage rings previously frozen founders farmers best brom the west seinemers schneider theck and roon wice semolicy schneiders regular sliced bacon schneiders smokies founders & farmers garlic sausage ring harvest thick cut bacon 1kg chocolate cinnamon coffee protein smoothie wk12-pg4

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