Calgary Co-op Flyer - 04/29-05/05/2021 (Page 4)

pork shoulder blade steak bone-in value pack 100% western canadian only alberta chicren meat only alberta grilling steak value pack aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher chicken thighs boneless skinless value pack air chilled beef alb alb only beef alletta prime eanadian prime vadorn hrdeln best from du west beef simmering or braising short ribs value pack aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher maple leaf prime extra lean ground chicken chicken breast kabobs with vegetables also available at full service meat counters $5.00 each alb tilapia fillets farmed also available at full service seafood counters wise ocean seafood wild snapper fillets also available at full service seafood counters atlantic salmon kabobs with peppers & zucchini regular or peppered marinated 2 per pack in store canada also available at full service seafood counters $6.00 ea purepac purepac lake trout fiets filets de touladi white perch files of the blanco america orati de octubre delect lale garys cale! cooked garys deals garys cooked black tiger surfda durtir cal & gary's black tiger cooked shrimp peel & deveined tail on 340g frozen black tiger 傳世 cloverleaf purepac wild lake trout or white perch fillets 340g frozen crab or lobster founders farmers 1&ei michelle swift meat swift founders farmers alberta beef founders & farmers olymel sliced bacon mitchell's pepperoni sticks • beef burgers • 1kg frozen swift trio sliced meats • 450g founders farmers best best fecimimi westmins l'urkey dinle honey garlic west hof lily balo buffalo chicken poulet smokey bbq founders & farmers fully cooked chicken wings frozen lilydale turkey slices or tailgate bratwurst turkey sausage sunnybrook farmers sausage granny's whole frying alb chicken alb bared jumbo all butter croissants cream puffs or assorted varieties mini package of 12 in store bakery made fak in store alpine grain bread dem ret maked smuk en-store dempster's whole grain bread demoster dempsters effective no mask cindy customers wearingaface mask or shield will be granted entry wk26-pg4

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