Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/03-06/09/2021 (Page 3)

chicken thighs or breast boneless skinless value pack chilled beef tenderloin grilling steak aged 14 days cut from canada aa beet or higher meat only beef nlberta only legen chicken gourmet all beef burgers 7oz or sliders or backyard mushroom made in-store dally available at full service meat counters new beef is a prime source of protein & creatine to boost muscle mass whole pork tenderloin 100% western canadian cryovac only alerta beef best from the west raised antibiotics high river hutterite roasting chicken greenfield dinner sausage mild italian or honey garlic previously frozen whole chicken poulidt enter raised without antistics trout is an excellent source of protein seafood wise icelandic cod fillets available at full service seafood counters wild steelhead trout salmon fillets value pack farmed wild ocean wise pickerel fillets product of canada available at full service seafood counters ocean orgwa bogreve smoked salmon aquare salt & pepper calamari wild sored balmon canadian lobster tails previously frozen available at full service seafood counters aqua star salt & pepper calamari strips 500g frozen salmon village smoked wild sockeye salmon strips original or maple previously frozen pound bar founders farmers parna swiss plant based bauer marvin classic home team chicken sets pogle! touders hunc pro cout meat wholly veggio! winch bar ung pad chicken strips swiss chalet add btdoor laugatan pon tan bmw chicken founders burgers & farmers breaded chicken strips wholly veggie cauliflower classic jumbo hot dogs swiss chalet smoky bbq or honey garlic fully cooked pork back ribs burgers 908g frozen pao broccoli 375g frozen best price cut best best best top grass from the west from tre west from the west from the west lilydale top grass siwin food dumplings harvest sliced meats lilydale turkey slices top grass cattle company grass fed beef burgers or meatballs frozen sausage ring founders & farmers bagels assorted varieties founders farmers gourmet muffins assorted varieties natural bakery canadian rye bread bakery baked bush in-store bakery baked sush in-store baked fresh in-store white or 100% whole wheat bread only alberta only alberta only at calgary co-op

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