Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/03-06/09/2021 (Page 6)

ramily neurig van houtte family $123 one coffee oatmeal crisp honey family size quaker quaker cheeris cheerios pour toile som regilar mccafe no grocery for one coffee k-cups select varieties general mills cereal quaker instant oatmeal price cut pipps chewy viva puffs maid miere paws bear paws caramel nut meu morte mah more wagonowheels for minute maid or oasis select varieties quaker granola bars dipps or chewy puffs or wagon wheels 14" odon cheezit cheez it dutch crunci sas terrier orial tour con a4 coke party eacheesy terrier pepsi kellogg's cheez-it crackers select varieties old dutch crunch or cheese pleesers or humpty dumpty select varieties perrier carbonated water select varieties coca-cola or pepsi 8x300ml or select varieties best snack from the west pack adams adams -100% iced glad jet-puffed od 100% katy snack pack adams peanut butter select varieties mckenzie's honey select varieties jet-puffed marshmallows • or betty crocker • brownie or cookie mix select varieties hunt's snack pack pudding or gels select varieties best roll west rogers prego cale garyse cale garys basma sice cale garys hasmine rice sugar sucre pisto soil goosols rogers sugar 2kg seven spice chili oil select varieties garofalo pasta 500g or prego pasta sauce 645ml select varieties cal & gary's rice jasmine or basmati • select varieties caler founders farmers campbell garys camdalle habitant cale heinz titlow rebe garys cale bbo garys вво calen garys ввое campbell's ready to serve soup 540ml or habitant 796ml select varieties • hp sauce 400ml or lea & perrins worcestershire sauce 284ml or heinz chili sauce • 455ml select varieties cal & gary's bbq sauce select varieties founders & farmers yellow mustard • 400ml or sweet • green relish select varieties best sada west annies annies sold seal lee home pecad grums siape vere yummiers "regal ckguis gun's gold seal tetur golden dragon sauce 455ml or kikkoman panko bread crumbs select varieties annie's homegrown pasta ea select varieties ocean's white tuna select varieties gold seal pink salmon mayonnaise select varieties best cons from the west fajita taco que pasa que pasa douc gelo usra que pasa moden sotto taco jarritos soda drinks select varieties old el paso que pasa tortilla chips select varieties selection salsa select varieties select varieties in 2020 members earned litre wk31-pg.6

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