Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/17-06/23/2021 (Page 5)

organic danactive eure bar olympic liberte grands crescent croissant organic reper eggo original dani activia woodland liberte mikyra good! dairy & frozen for danone activa yogurt or danino & danactive yogurt drinks select varieties olympic organic yogurt 650g or liberté kefir 1l or skyr yogurt • 500g select varieties gio heluva good! dip 250g or pillsbury • refrigerated • dough • select varieties europe's best frozen fruit or kelloggs eggo waffles 5609 select varieties price cut toaster strudel swanson deep'n delicious cavendish wen pizza pops hogan don cavendish pepperoni +bacon finntry pillsbury pizza pops or toaster strudels select varieties swanson meat pies 200g or elmont breakfast burritos • 1289 select varieties cavendish fries frites or chips select varieties • häagen-dazs ice cream treats • 3-4 pack or mccain deep & delicious • desserts 510g • select varieties nature naturale naturale pain relief 5.francis pain relief sifrancis arnicare calendula salve arnicare calendula salve flora sifrancis flora sw palmette prostate formal calendula souci saw palmetto prostate form bohon natural goodness boron boiron arnicare select varieties & sizes herb farm • calendula • select varieties & sizes • saw palmetto • prostate formula off naturace naturale naturala ted protein joint 14 formula vita sex vita sex ented protein paint formula glucosamine curcumin nie protein om sierrasil joint formulas select varieties & sizes % omega alpha vita sex • 120ml iron vegan sprouted protein bars select varieties & sizes casbah price icut price cut casbah organic casbah new joyya soups soots couscous joyya silk cocolo soups soup targull taboule almond sols soupes casbah couscous or tabouli select varieties silk creamers select varieties joyya ultrafiltered milk select varieties amy's organic soups select varieties lays poppables lays flavour face off lays lays lays ald theme wher chedder bone iconic chip paired with iconic flavours lay's potato chips or lay's poppables potato snacks cale garys aaabeee so it is the most flavourful and tender beef thank dad this father's day shine get a free car wash may 24 june 20 see in-store for details find your summer turinio save with the purchase of any 5-pack car wash wk33-pg.5

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