Calgary Co-op Flyer - 07/22-07/28/2021 (Page 2)

create your own cooltreat evene nestle real dairy ice cream select varieties real dairy premium maple real doty vraie cromo walnut கொடி premium narara vanilla best dairyland from the west smucker's whipped cream sundae syrup etus sea salted caramel righteous gelato select varieties beiteous dark chocolate caramel sea salt kolmi sorocura smucker's toppings 428ml or dairyland whip cream aerosol 225g select varieties sir founders farmers прогнок enlightened ice cream select varieties word sats abcodes hache an den dows ghtened décors kitocos avale enlightene cakemate sprinkles select varieties cared do founders & farmers baking nuts off daltons maraschino cherries onton waraschino cherries dom pese tronicisi neappletid tropicisme sliced pineapp mem m&m's howar added lant such acute vanilla price cut voortman no sugar wafer cookies 250g select varieties ho sucat added lans sucre ajoute gorta strawberry for tropic isle pineapple select varieties m&m's select varieties fraises organic blueberries imported white flesh peaches or nectarines product of usa organic organic cherries 11b bag product of usa made calei cal & gary's mixed berries in store garys best west find them in our freezer section wk38-pg2

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