Calgary Co-op Flyer - 07/22-07/28/2021 (Page 5)

strip loin boneless grilling steak aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher maple leaf prime chicken drumsticks or thighs meat best club pack the west only alberta beef value pack great for making your own in-house bacon pork belly sliced or slab 100% western canadian alb impossible burgers previously frozen marinated bacon wrapped pork tenderloin or medallion skewers available at full service meat counters 100% western canadian value ль plant impossible based pack பாபா nderta circ let's eat impossible ente rose chicken thighs boneless skinless & air chilled alb chinook red spring salmon fillets farmed product of canada available at full service seafood counters halibut fillets available at full service seafood counters organic cod seafood wild sole fillets available at full service seafood counters wild marinated atlantic salmon fillets or cod fillets available at full service seafood counters aqua star shrimp & scallop mix or salt & pepper calamari strips cale garys cal & gary's aquafar cooked black shrimp stallap tiger shrimp cettes et pétend aqua star salt & pepper count 3409 calamari frozen deals garys cooked black tiger curtir blueberry festival raincoast orisps honey ham or old fashioned deli sliced raincoast crisps raincoast crisps & castello brie mix & match rs deli castello brie castello camembert meals ready to go flatbread pizza plant based cale garys starting at turmeric mango or charred corn salad butter chicken pot pie olivier janes oliviert janes meat ob style wing ches styl burns janes saixes fumées lana cli pur style popcorn chicken olivieri flat pasta & sauce johnsonville smoked pork sausage or burns regular wieners janes pub style breaded chicken or chicken wings best somere west cale garys cals garys angus car hero canadian ancis be burgers burgers certified wieners cale cale garys italian garys wieners vedish dne drake meats wieners or all beef prime rib cal & gary's fully cooked meatballs hero canadian angus beef burgers only alberta beef chicken zamb only alberta only at calgary co-op wk38-pg4

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