Calgary Co-op Flyer - 10/29-11/04/2020 (Page 2)

cale garys here to sweeten our city cal & gary's black forest cake with real whipped cream and exquisite cherry filling made in-store most products cater to over 600 products and flavours calgarians love and you'll only find them in our aisles cal & gary's black forest cake only cal num co-op cal & gary's trail mixes select varieties cale cale garys macleod trail mix macleod treton stoff powchild rail mix crowchild cal & gary's dips & spreads fresh like an august snowfall cale garys freerange alberta raised beef grass-fed beef italian style meatballs calgary's no1 ball team bring fresh and delicious home with cal & gary's quick and convenient dips and cal & gary's grass fed meatballs frozen baked in-store cal & gary's sparkling water cal & gary's belgium loaf artisan bread or assorted varieties select varieties i'm gary lamb shanks cryovac cals gar tals gary only alberta lamb wk44-pg2

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