Calgary Co-op Flyer - 10/29-11/04/2020 (Page 6)

the laughing cow 100% whole gran tres deli honey ham or old fashioned ham sliced in-store freybe salami select varieties sliced in-store castello brie wik gamis aller new castello brie or brie with garlic & pepper and camembert deli sandwiches cranberry chicken on turkey on a kaiser original more ning neuveau cheese dippers original osciutto genoa genes grimm's pepperoni assorted varieties laughing cow 8's assorted varieties or dippers marc angelo deli slices assorted varieties doo spooktacularly easy halloween dinner mix and match! pizza and salad family size salads assorted varieties or $8.00 each boo 7" halloween half cakes vanilla or chocolate assorted designs try the flaming hot cheese-toes pizza! limited time only deli pizza 12" assorted varieties made fresh in-store www four cheese bread for baced hah in-store bakery panini or kaiser rolls assorted varieties bald en-store cream cake slices assorted varieties maked en store butter shortbread cookies package of 12 assorted varieties villaggio bread assorted varieties bard on store black forest rye bread 450g or assorted varieties of sales gior villaggio best calgary italian bakery english muffins assorted varieties some classico west oroweat organic bread assorted varieties ext ishtine organic villaggio classico wk44-pg.6

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