Calgary Co-op Flyer - 10/28-11/03/2021 (Page 3)

curated cale garys pepperonia cale ngarys pizza pizza cale ditt four peces like our city garys pizza vegetable dutie in four pedes like our city edge det it in four pedes like our city cale garys exclusive products cum et in four pieces only 399 it and growing only like city cal & gary's thin crust pizza select varieties throw a gourmet pizza party any night of the week with these loads of glorious mozzarella and all the topping choices you co-op calea garys cals garys angus cale garys cale garys cooked pacific white italian meatballs tete spaghetti western meatballs from farm to toothpick swedish meatballs litsee from farm to toothpilar best enjoyed above sea level cal & gary's fully cooked meatballs cal & gary's cooked pacific white shrimp cal & gary's bbq sauce cale cale cale 350ml select varieties garys garys garys вво і вво і вво best агаар from the west gel calegary calgarys calgary organic kombucha calegary organic kombucha kombucha kombucha organic organic cale garys organic gar cowe ested cale cal & gary's organic kombucha cal & gary's sparkling water 6x1l select varieties founders & farmers founders farmers polo founders farmere heanuts games mushroom site founders farmers founders farmers wyle roasted red pepper & gouda mar pants otvo seasoned boneless skinless chicken breasts andre med tanke 3 kg founders & farmers fresh homestyle soup 650ml assorted varieties founders & farmers seasoned boneless skinless chicken breast 3kg frozen founders & farmers peanuts 350g select varieties founders palme made fresh in-store pun dames pound parmers tex mex founders & farmers shredded cheese 320g select varieties founders & farmers shortbread cookies package of 12 assorted varieties founders & farmers tubbies assorted varieties

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