Calgary Co-op Flyer - 10/28-11/03/2021 (Page 4)

medium navel oranges imported fancy extra ambrosia or jazz apples fancy alb red grapefruit product of usa mga cantaloupe or honeydew melons imported alb cal & gary's mixed melon heaven limes product of usa fancy made in-store sungold kiwi product of new zealand cal & gary's made hach en-store hot house beefsteak tomatoes imported cals gary sungold alb green peppers imported squash assorted varieties product of usa express fresh ket bacon caesar express fresh kit caesar fresh express salad kits product of usa cals gary tue hail carrots best cal & gary's diced mixed peppers made in store from the product of west canada canada no.1 bolthouse founders besi bont from the west founderstanirs & farmers russet potatoes 5lb bag product of canada canada no.1 russet potatoes cas barys trail cal & gary's diced yams veggie steamer cal & gary's veggie noodles band made made in-stos dn-stone organic taste the goodness 2lb organic lemons 21b bag product of usa fancy organic organic blueberries imported organic cauliflower product of california orchids floral mix 'n match assorted cut flowers royal bouquet

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