Calgary Co-op Flyer - 07/02-07/08/2020 (Page 6)

fruitsations en cao rechoc dengand armstrong triple chedda uberte kieper liberte kretr armstrong spitex mex+pc imper sour cream imperial daryland sour cream armstrong shredded cheese 500g select varieties liberté kefir drink il select varieties imperial margarine tub or quarters 1.36kg dairyland sour cream 500ml select varieties fish stempura berri cherp sig rolls novical on printem www winc berseret hal baked crispy potatos coated bassili's lasagna or sheperds pie 907g select varieties high liner battered frozen fish ben & jerry's ice cream wong wing frozen entrees & appetizers bbq lssls bist now bbq with the best ngrocery restaurant style fick jet puffed jet puffed tom mestando she restaurant mott's fruitsations 6pk select varieties jet-puffed marshmallows 400g select varieties grissol croutons french's ketchup select varieties basmati classic basmati leni flakid liga classique nuworld wild rice blend 907g select varieties clover leaf tuna select varieties frank's redhot sauce 354ml select varieties la grille bbq sauce 435ml select varieties annies hr noodles annies organic annies grushed prego jummier regals bew prego diced bbq best muir glen organic tomatoes 796ml select varieties prego pasta sauce 1.75l select varieties annie's pasta select varieties instant noodles imagine cals sarys reaefruit dentyne und suomi fire cas gary real yahoof qube caramilk gali 10% garys off cal & gary's chocolate covered snacks cadbury single bars or maynards candy 33-64g or dentyne & trident gum singles select varieties fruit gummies imagine regular & organic broth 946ml-il select varieties discover local gue pic drizzle drizzle best from the west drizzle golden or white raw honey 375ml select varieties last mountain's old fashioned jam 454ml select varieties mitchell's soup mix que pasa tortilla chips select varieties best last mountain west from the saskatoon-based last mountain berry farms produces 4,000 quarts of jam daily and sells it green best from the west tag to find your new favourite hizzle drizzle drizzle honey responsibly produced farmers and delicious drizzle some drizzle honey on just about anything or try one of their great recipe ideas at join us and xl 103 in supporting the calgary food bank wk27-pg4

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