Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 6)

dipps oatmeal cris lucky family size charms honey nut bean colled dipps chewu hical bean ethical bean colo cheerios cecele bold for ethical bean whole bean coffee 340g select varieties general mills family size cereal quaker granola bars 1pln grocery cheezit sunkope tui sunape det teat bear paws cheez it crunch newi bear paws ordinal peach dhe new bug com real wagonowheels del monte or sun rype juice cheez-it snack crackers dare wagon wheels or bear paws old uutch restaurante good old uutch restaurante price cut thins deten decale cada doritos doritos triscuit crunch clocuantes peace teet peace bestern perce original for old dutch restaurante tortilla chips select varieties doritos snacks select varieties christie crackers select varieties peace tea select varieties best best the west be the west dairy milk maynards maynards sour patch smarties 'roo mini siste list raselord aero caramilk honey ueberry sules last mountain's old fashioned jam select varieties beemaid honey select varieties maynards candy • cadbury family select varieties nestle chocolate 4's or cello • select varieties founders farmers founders farmers glushed tomatoes prego touncurs lan mere diced stomatoes prego tomato sauce spel la grille seasoning or spices rubs 200ml select varieties prego pasta sauce select varieties founders & farmers tomatoes 796ml or tomato sauce 398ml • select varieties founders & farmers pasta • 900g • select varieties firma bulis eye bulis-eye redhot sws bulis-eye redo redhoc sale frank's bull's-eye bbq sauce select varieties selection salad dressing select varieties select varieties french's ketchup lipton chideen noodle pouletus campull camodel camera cale garys cale gary cup soup teriya jasmine rice cale garys ifor vh cooking sauce select varieties • lipton or knorr soup mixes lipton cup of • soup 4 pack select varieties • cal & gary's basmati or jasmine rice select varieties • campbell's cooking soup • cream of mushroom • noodle or • vegetable 284mi select varieties gel dale jet puffed paches in dole ondtates dole slid dole mandarin jet puffed dranges dole fruit jars select varieties dole fruit bowls select varieties • jet-puffed marshmallows 400g select varieties betty crocker brownie or cookie mix select varieties wishing you a happy ramadan! wk27-pg.6

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