Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 7)

vim vim sponge towels fupa bert vim cottonelle 24 fleecy entre bow cottonelle vim household cleaners floor cleaner 1l select varieties 6's or cottonelle bath tissue 12's select varieties fleecy liquid fabric softener 1.36l or oxi clean versatile select varieties household & peter ziploc widge zipiec ziploc glad cling wrap whicks which ziploc giad press'n seal ziploc ziploc food storage containers assorted sizes glad cling wrap 152m or press & seal 23.2m whiskas perfect portions wet cat food select varieties cesar wet dog food select varieties dove men dan dove lac dove men dene jergens jergens france tom's dove dove hair care select varieties dove body wash select varieties jergens lotion 620ml or tom's deodorant • & antiperspirant 649 select varieties health & beauty clairol dove degree dove natural istics rec touch-up nicen easy natural instincts & nice 'n easy hair colour or root touch up select varieties axe shower gel antiperspirant 76-85g select varieties degree or dove dry spray 107g & dove nourishing secrets or aluminum deodorant 749 select varieties bigpel barely there wechat kds sort "kolex method foaming hano washirt & pads 28-44's select varieties method or live clean liquid hand soap refill 828ml-1l or live clean body wash 500ml select varieties banana boat suncare select varieties baby & pharmacy simpu kids per misy allergy claritin vitamin magnesium melatonin alley super பாவான wtf simply kids diapers select varieties claritin allergy relief select varieties webber naturals vitamins select varieties & sizes organic polysporin polysporin זיון milena sten pepcid complet pepcid polysporin gerber organic purée select varieties swabs • 400's & seventh generation or • aleva baby wipes • select varieties • polysporin ointment or cream select varieties • 25's select varieties surprise mom with a charcuterie board and her favourite rosé plant based charcuterie options available! effective no mask only customers wearing aface mask or shield will begranted entry wk27-pg.7

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