Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/09-06/15/2022 (Page 15)

sho w your lo compare and save sioundes founders farmers warmers old dutch www restaurant founders farmers foundem farmers dutch restaurante tortile $ chips tortilla chips trounding farmers pretzels thins barrd minces cuttes au four restaurant sti old dutch restaurante tortilla chips select varieties old dutch founders & farmers founders & farmers tortilla chips 295g select varieties pretzels $4.99 pretzel select varieties 200g select varieties armstrong founders farmers founders & farmers cheese slices cals garys cal & gary's extra virgin italian olive oil armstrong nime kambi armstrong cheese slices select varieties colavita extra virgin olive oil camp 100% pure maple syrup select varieties $13.⁹⁹ the stello $10.⁹⁹ seetle parmesan tre stelle parmesan tub parmesan $4.⁹9 cals garys $11.⁹⁹ cale gary's cal & gary's maple syrup founders farmers founders parmers grated parmesan cheese founders & farmers parmesan grated $7.9⁹ founders farmers fetas panel fetas tre stelle feta in brine founders & farmers feta in brine $5.5⁹ wonder hot dog or hamburger buns package of 12 hop compare and sa save founders founders cal& founders cal& garys cal& garys farmers farmers garys farmers into tre stelle peta tre stelle cals gary youn farm calgary calgary maple maple founders parmers grated parmesan cheese founders farmers green glase geandert green glase grant vert green giant frozen vegetables select varieties wwwwwwwwwww baby das sarki bick's pickles select varieties www wonder bicky skie ogórk $4.⁹⁹ tea starmen pretzels whole kernel corn founders & farmers frozen vegetables hild opti founders & farmers pickles 1l select varieties bouve cal& garys turmeric dinger cal & gary's premium tea select varieties wonder espas green plas baby dills founders farmers $27.⁹ founders farmers bxw cals garys emeloja ses sleepyneat tea squared loose leaf tea select varieties $8.⁹9 price best from the west cut grimm's sausage rings $799 sausage rings foundert farmers founder farmers kamburger bons hot dog buns founders & farmers hot dog or hamburger buns package of 12 gary's founders farmers $4.9⁹ founders farmers prangang tarmean ukrainian sausage founders & farmers $1⁹⁹ cal& garys founders farmers wk32-pg.9

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