Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/09-06/15/2022 (Page 5)

black seedless grapes imported 34⁹ bartlett pears 199 imported founders submit & sed farmers mini ucumbers ni-concombres product of abest from the west founders & farmers mini cucumbers 2lb bag alberta grown 4⁹⁹ me member made in-store ft exclusive broccoli crowns product of usa organic organic red or green seedless grapes product of usa made in-store cal & gary's pineapple diced or spears navel oranges product of usa fancy 1⁹⁹ paradise hill farm cocktail tomatoes 1lb alberta grown commande best from the west cal & gary's grape cups $1.ff off nectarines or peaches product of usa made fresh in-store 39⁹ faradio tima tarm paradise cocktail tomatoes vert cal& garys steam powered eggies cal & gary's vegetable steamers $ assorted varieties fresh express salad blends assorted varieties product of usa taste the goodness organic strawberries 1lb product of usa 3⁹⁹ brilliance bouquet 5" orchid 4" tropicals $4.99ea fresh express en & crispy pineapple imported green peppers product of usa 24⁹ fresh express veggie lover's amateur de légumes made fresh in-store memember exclusive 44⁹ 34⁹ cal & gary's salad blends baby carrots 2lb bag product of usa bunny inv pary-cut carrots carott coupees earthbound farm organic celery hearts organic celery hearts product of usa off earthbound farm organic celery hearts 3.9⁹⁹ aloha lilies 12⁹⁹ fresh produce organic floral

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