Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/09-06/15/2022 (Page 9)

founders & farmers pies trounders farmers cherry pie to cherry pie farmers best from the west all butter brioche buns petits pains briochés au bucere opack calgary italian bakery tuxedo buns package of 8 or slider buns package of 12 something special gourmet antipasto best from the west salami prosciutto soleterra sliced italian meats best from the west lilydale 52⁹ lynesian eet 3⁹⁹ salami genoa memeurer ha exclusive 4⁹⁹ homestyle 17⁹⁹ lilydale baked frak in-store cal & gary's demi baguettes traditional or whole grain dempsters signature bagels tome acroint the laughing cow vachequirit dempsters bagels everything tout gan founders & farmers kettle fried turkey sliced fresh in the deli someth antipasto original the laughing cow la vachequirit cake donuts assorted varieties me exclusive member for original babybel tipasto original dempster's bagels package of 6 or signature bagels assorted varieties for babybel babybel babybel 9⁹⁹ mar babybel 17⁹ whole grains mini babybel best west harvest harvest farmer's sausage or sausage chub best west ham sticks newsy country cinnamon raisin bakery soco bubel bybei 12⁹⁹ gluten free farmer's sausage saucisson fermar learnest sull saucisson tamson half cakes 8" assorted varieties 14⁹⁹ too jos men wowole semony made in-store country harvest bread assorted varieties for soleterra prosciutto sliced fresh in the deli summ spranolle laughing cow summ! spring rolls or gyozas best cals gary's from the west burger ream on alberte cal& garys burger me member exclusive grimm's sliced meats drake meats homestyle thick cut bacon buy purchase in multiples of 2 for cal & gary's grass-fed beef burgers 680g frozen 14⁹⁹ more or buy 1 for save 1kg more best boomene west acto cauli crumble frede prime pepperoni inds chicken strips lilydale turkey bacon style or original turkey maple leaf prime rwa breaded chicken strips or burgers 560g frozen big mountain 13⁹⁹ freybe pepperoni sticks • 500g smokies 10⁹⁹ 6.4⁹ patties or bites wk32-pg.5 old style carving ham sliced fresh in the deli summi shoppy stola plant based mmm mighty mushroom bites race femm deli shot meat

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