Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/04-06/10/2020 (Page 2)

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вво with the best recipe keto garden fresh grilled steak salad • 1 only alberta beef flank or top sirloin • 4 cups baby kale and arugula • 1 cup cal & gary's sliced beets • salt and pepper to taste • cup goat cheese or crumbled gorgonzola • salt and pepper to taste • 1 cup apple cider vinegar • 1 cup chopped fresh mint • va cup chopped fresh italian parsley • ground pepper to taste place the steak in a large ziploc bag and bag and rub the contents to evenly coat overnight in the refrigerator olive oil and season with salt and pepper place the beets on a baking sheet and roast thinly and reserve ingredients and set aside and drizzle with dressing to serve quick julie tips let steaks develop a nice crust on the bottom before flipping them-let them sit moving them around follow us on for bbq tips and recipes

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