Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/04-06/10/2020 (Page 4)

mini watermelon imported no.1 grade casaba crenshaw fresh produce melons cantaloupe ль product of usa no.1 grade galia mlade fush in-store orange honey dew melon strawberry mix made tomatoes on the vine alberta grown canada no.1 honey dew en store alb sliced strawberries santa claus best best from the west fresh pass tomi west hiseido fresh exis are fino piere fresh express salad blends select varieties mushrooms crimini alberta grown bunch radish product of usa green onions product of usa organic taste the goodness lemons organic organic earthbound farm torganic organic romaine hearts product of usa organic lemons product of usa romaine ticarts lemons blackberries or raspberries imported kruwa peonies bunch exquisite bouquet 5" orchid bakery floral baked hush in-stoile angel food cake with fruit and cream decorated in-store with real cream 8" size baked huck in-store mini cookies package of 12 assorted varieties willage toscana toscana all butter jumb croissants raisin or cinnamon raisin bread villaggio crustini or sausage buns package of 6-8 assorted varieties gourmet jumbo muffins assorted varieties baked bared wak in store in store tiger rolls roast beef select varieties sliced in-store prepared in-store broccoli supreme tabouli salads or deli havarti provolone salam salam soleterra salami assorted varieties summer fresh salads assorted varieties arla cheese slices woolwich goat cheese assorted varieties assorted varieties ahead or find in-store and there you have it; date night in!

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