Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/16-06/22/2022 (Page 3)

bbq it's grilling time! best your one-stop kabob shop chicken breast kabobs with vegetables wild cod kabobs with vegetables atlantic salmon kabobs with vegetables available at full service meat counters showard best spolumbo's chicken or turkey sausage from the west available at full service meat counters $2.89 ea memember spolumbo's asparagus imported made in-store best from the west cheese garlic bread aniver lactantia my country mawaw batter sticks fagylted cirured mieter lactantia salted butter bintolestel country chumed butter 456 founders farmers lemonade founders & farmers lemonade 1.54l select varieties natural ahe mushrooms white or crimini alberta grown founders farmers raspberry lemonade 3⁹⁹ cal & gary's fruit or veggie kabobs exclusive lemon caper pasta broccoli supreme or sweet corn & black bean salad sell la grille biologique organic amazing dad's sauce bbq sauce awblogique lactantia butter sticks select varieties organis bodacions ketchu dix toma chane original bodacious ketchup 425ml or amazing dad's bbq sauce 500ml select varieties vesh the crimina soor de grataln the gre sour come soue comed the grizzly pre suor comper protes grille ck cher cola black cher cher coer cola kome 26⁹ club house la grille seasonings grizzly paw soft drinks 4x355ml select varieties make today delicious grille best from the west peak raw shrimp made fresh in-store only alberta beef cal & gary's stuffed mushrooms krinos saganakt grilling cheese select varieties 11⁹⁹ surf & turf top sirloin medallion grilling steak & aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher chincon haloumi chate made fresh in-store off new guy hughes bbq sauce select varieties the gree soor compor boot beer mary best from the west 6⁹⁹

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