Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/16-06/22/2022 (Page 9)

apple valley lemon meringue pie cal & gary's mini garlic bread 1⁹⁹ kaiser buns white or 60% whole wheat flatbread pizza buy more save more mclean's natural roast beef or pastrami sliced fresh in the deli agropue and cheddar purchase in multiples of 2 for or buy 1 for $8.a grand cheddar erge constan year cheddar best from the lamb enjont harf west ta lamb tonight burgers select varieties frozen parood ukrainian sausage founders & farmers sausage ring cesse me member exclusive parson werks ham sausag 49⁹ baked in-store the laughing cow la voche qui rit original laughing cow natural top dogs • maple leaf natural top dog wieners • 750g baked fresh in-store dempsters tortillas built for burrito extra large stwin mini wontons dempster's tortillas package of 6-10 assorted varieties cheese dippers original me member exclusive 3⁹⁹ 11⁹⁹ 9" apple pie assorted varieties 3⁹⁹ maple lodge chicken select varieties sliced fresh in the deli 24⁹9⁹ dempsters tortillas original saputo caciocavallo best from the west hundeus labneh hummus tinanon price cut elite sweets or la rocca cakes assorted varieties 14⁹⁹ baked in-store 7⁹9 dempetern whole wheat dempsters 100% whole wheat dempster's original bread assorted varieties 4⁹⁹ dempsters white empsters white prosciutto marc angelo italian slices 5⁹⁹ 6.⁹9 kad pod to wri natural natural maple leaf natural selection sliced meats $6.4⁹ plant based butchers great on the grill bakery chicken bacon style poulet gen bacon maple lodge farms original chicken bacon style best from the west butchers me member all exclusive siwin • dumplings potstickers or mini wontons mountain creek farms bacon wrapped sirloin steaks 4⁹⁹ 16⁹⁹ the very good butcher smokin bangers taco stuffer or burger patties 9⁹9 ● frozen fresh cheese including an award winning off cows creamery cheese clothbound cheddar made with premium code ingredients on prince edward island wk33-pg.5 deli meat lor

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