Costco Flyer - 07/01-08/31/2020 (Page 12)

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land of lakes canada has more lakes than all other countries combined ontario alone mango mania dental care no-mess mango nothing but the tooth mangoes are delectable mango can be a juicy slippery challenge here are some tips • a ripe mango will give slightly when squeezed sturdy cutting board • use a serrated knife to cut the mango from around the seed • score the mango cheek • scoop the segments out with a large spoon some creatures of habit overlook the skill of proper tooth clinical and scientific affairs with the canadian dental • plaque can harden into tartar after 24 to 36 hours and can only be removed by professional cleaning • brushing twice a day and flossing daily prevents tartar and floss between teeth to remove bacteria protective fluoride national mango board happy summer! make it a safe one for kids and pets temperature of over 38 c in minutes." never leave a child or a pet

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