Costco Flyer - 05/01-06/30/2021 (Page 83)

elevate your morning routine olay crest scop compete oval olay total esfects cresto scope vitamin enriched formula with anti-oxidants olay® total effects® moisturizer with spf 15 kills up to 99.9% of bad breath bacteria crest® complete plus scopeⓡ toothpaste maxclean bristles turn yellow when its time to change oral-b® crossaction maxclean toothbrushes her soon gillette gillette long-lasting shave gilletteⓡ fusion5 pack of 18 cartridges designed to get virtually every hair gilletteⓡ fusion proglide pack of 16 cartridges © 2021 p&g also on various item numbers come to your senses designed for exceptional sensitivity இ thinner than our standard condoms durex easy-on shape for added comfort sensi-thin qualit na cadrein sceptible ons 100% electronically tested with five quality tests per batch extra lubricated for smoother pleasure also on

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