Dominion Flyer - 11/07-11/13/2019 (Page 2)

produce red or green seedless grapes product of u.s.a no.1 grade blueberries family size product of peru or argentina presidenti chirice le choix de prishet canada mixed 'ttle gems ssorties farmers dostarcel english cucumbers concombres farmer's market english cucumber product of mexico no.1 grade prabuti sice anglais 3's blouse ofaeronos pc little gems mini potatoes product of canada canada no.1 grade golden little gems dorées hompsolut waban deve yellow fleshed char jaune canada multi less than 2 $3.49 ea bartlett or red pears product of u.s.a extra fancy grade large broccoli product of canada farmer dryshe baby-cut miniatures raco axiany cherry tomatoes tomates cerises atlantic canada farmer's market mini carrots product of atlantic french beans 400g product of mexico or guatemala or french product of guatemala pc axiany cherry tomatoes product of canada asparagus product of peru adora seedless product subav prcontese multi less than 3 s1.99 ea pc ambrosia apples on here cele red229 atlantic pc adora seedless black grapes avocados product of mexico baby spinach jeunes epinards happy planet sprino mix melance prantanier strem green com optimum pc large outdoor arrangements assorted designs floral shop may not be available bf a locations canada each pc salad blends product of u.s.a selected varieties happy planet smoothies product of canada selected varieties cored pineapples prepared fresh in-store daily customer relations linear

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