Dominion Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 3)

food lovers unite dominion re optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum"* members medium ground beef family size see back page for details member price non-member price pork loin combination portion bone-in cottonelle ultra cleoncore retrushino gultan cottonelle bathroom tissue 18=72 rolls chicken drumsticks or thighs family size extra large cherries product of u.s.a member price non-member price jasmine rice riz parfume au jasmin aaa canada sale aaa bangong hasmin na bigas aaarrr gna save $1 raw crues cata pc smoked salmon or pacific large white frozen tomatoes on the vine product of canada smiei nila sicrete palin sumer skotete sufre fome 8kg cnc rooster scented jasmine rice wuce mucci tex mex campbell room-champion liberte greek pc or no name cheese bars 400 g or shredded selected varieties no naman na marble farmer's cheese fromage former's marbré 23.mins un design liberté greek yogurt yoplait source yogurt 16's selected varieties campbell's tomato cream of mushroom noodle or heinz tomato soup campbells simple simply orange multi less than 2 $2.49 ea sale save up to veggie hawaiian sas tropic sea touch toucher pailles purex laundry detergent or sheets 80's selected varieties sun care selected varieties and sizes sport fleecy kettle brand potato sensible portions veggie straws chips or canisters brand potato chips selected varieties croustilles sea salt sel marin purex pts from our dietitians spice up your eating this summer with our webinar series refresh your summer meals with nutritious ideas learn more at points awarded after purchase

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