Dominion CHRISTMAS 2021 Flyer - 12/22-12/26/2021 (Page 3)

food lovers unite hdominion canada hot price must buy december 22 - 24 save this week fresh atlantic salmon fillets family size flesh seafood items subiece lo avalanty top sirloin premium oven roast cutarom canada aa or usda select grade beef on higher save this week save 98 $3.49 ea medium ground beef family size raspberries canada sale sale save $2 save $2 opium pizza mozzarella ddg pc apple cider product of canada black diamond cheese cheese 320 g or pc selected varieties pc orange juice selected varieties presidenta chiar fresh pressed sweet apple cider lal with pelea pe pulp free sans pulpe mohddouensparung black diamond cheodor from chesoor in gereg save 98 save 58 from scan me for more deals $3.99 ea $1.29 ea pc natural spring water ane or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties pc gift bouquets selected varieties bunch spring coca-cola source oro sugar coca-cola pepsi ultugan sang nestle pure life pure life water our complete flyer is available online flyer prices effective from december 22-26 most stores closed december 25 and 26 see in-store or visit for holiday store hours

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