Dominion Flyer - 01/13-01/19/2022 (Page 3)

produce bar datori sorts outes $3.99 ea farmer's market or pc organics grape orar product of mexico grupo pain large broccoli product of usa or mexico extra large green seedless grapes product of peru no.1 grade extra large red seedless grapes or pc sable seedless black seedless grapes product of south book nicht atlantic canada goba $3.49 ea ruby little gems rousses delices 4 marche mcintosh farmer's market apples selected varieties product of atlantic grade twik3ms dhias arche gala pc kent mango product of perlent mango mangue that potatoes product of canada cape canada no.1 grade golden uttle gems dorées bois rets cinglotti dingle vertise lblea large navel orange product of spain red grapefruit product of turkey 1.99 ea pc organics mixed salad greens selected varieties product of u.s.a fruit parfaits selected varieties prepared fresh in-store daily in the salad bar baby buru great to go barbecue swiss swiss chalet chicken pies selected varieresviss pc rotisserie chicken chicken hot or chilled poulet in-store prepared pasta trays selected varieties pot ferati semica barbecue oces partner barbecue por pats vel the deli from estilo the chee pe optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members $5.49 ea original arre pc goat's milk cheese log or crumbles selected varieties nale arla dofino or castello or blue cheese selected varieties havarti jalapeño see back page for details feta feta member price non-member price from members save ces styles colate slices tranches mastro salami selected varieties masti piller's kolbassa selected varieties genoa piller's kolbassa sausage saucisson pc plant based slices selected varieties great to go items plus applicable taxes

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