Dominion Flyer - 07/22-07/28/2021 (Page 2)

dominion optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members oplim tassimo well lactantia tool see back page for details pts black diamond salted butter pc cheese barsuky cheesestring52 gior lactantia buttends 3 medium • mi-port selected varieties pc pods or tassimo maxwell house 8-16's or nabob roast maxwell and ground coffee 300 g house selected varieties multi less than 3 $2.79 ea buy 3 get that's like $10 in points for every $50* spent on goodnites training pants selected varieties and sizes optimum mccain kats pochettes pepperoni tinis crispy minis letras quaker crispy minis selected varieties bluewater fish or blue water mccain classic pockets 6's selected varieties frozen pūll-ups alet multi less than 2 $3.99 ea snugglers club size huggies 黄 fudge bars spring source simples pts pc natural spring water no name ice cream club size sandwiches or bars sandwiches nose pure life nestlé pure life water that's like $10 in points for every $50* spent on training pants or wipes selected varieties and sizes paleta cheien bac pampers hewy pc country churned butter 454 g or philadelphia cream selected varieties pudelphia original rich & chewy granola bars selected varieties dipped & chewy chocolate chip pampers wipes lincette gositive source campbelli everyday gourmet olden source pts ruash classe ficken los campbell's ready gourmet or habitant soup selected varieties liberté greek yogurt yoplait source yogurt 16's selected varieties liberté greek that's like $3 in points for every $10* spent on and mints selected varieties and sizes tide exce aveeno exce burceaus venen olar tide laundry detergent selected varieties hair care or styling selected varieties and sizes mwing argan oil of morocco shampoo exce exce tide sale save up to ப take along jvc 58" uhd smart tv bolva 65" 4k uhd smart tv rca stainless steel microwave rubbermaid food storage containers take alings customer is responsible for the payment of any applicable deposit or product packaging recycling fee that may apply da back

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