Dominion Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 5)

produce canada multi non less than 2 $3.29 ea blueberries pint product of canada farmer's market sweet corn product of u.s.a 4's canada extra large green or red seedless grapes large cantaloupe jumbo watermelon seedless product of canada each marge ranch optimum farmer's market canada greenhouse extra large canada granny smith or dole chop chop salad onions royal gala apples product of canada sweet peppers product of chile product of canada extra fancy grade product of u.s.a selected varieties ziggys potatoenalan awon anons qoruns aines chopichop bacon caesare bacon cesar great to go ziggy zi23s creamy toearonalar sala de pomuusika rotato legg wlan ziggy's creamy potato salad salades optimum pts bento sushi california rolls selected varieties sandwich party platters selected varieties ziggy's large salad selected varieties the dell canada extra old galami balderson cheese selected varieties balderson dairy canadian white cheddar cheese promade blanc canadien extra kort pc white cheddar mastro summus salam salami piller's kolbassa sausage saucisson hummus from piller's kolbassa selected varieties mastro salami slices or chubs or san daniele mortadella selected varieties from 449 pc hummus or dips selected varieties great to go items plus applicable taxes

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