Dominion Flyer - 07/29-08/04/2021 (Page 4)

optimum dominion menu members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members see back page for details original gros delphia nova scotian for salon poros congo nouvelle-ecosse philadelphia cream dips 227 g or selected varieties pts pc blue menu nova scotian jumbo sea scallops cedar planked atlantic salmon 544 g frozen philadelphia original that's like $2.50 in points for every $10* spent on hershey chocolate family bars play a sounce sources bers post original - originale activa chvoddies hortons new tele iogo or activia yogurt selected varieties iögo hershey's post cereal selected varieties timbits birthday cake reese's reese's pieces pretzels-bretzels jögo multi less than 2 $3.99 ea rulles ssed onnées pts hellmann's mayonnaise salad dressing 475 ml selected varieties stos ruffles or lay's potato tostitos tortilla chipsrondes selected varieties hellmann's real vraie mayonnaise that's like $10 in points for every $100* spent on any combination of happy her and wayspa gift cards happy her sale save $1 sea 5th davidstea milestones off indigo sportchek roots kernels hudsons bay enteras credit card - not gift card meat lascal lasagne viande cursos nestlé drumstick selected varieties frozen california californienne pc or blue menu meat or vegetable lasagna or mac & cheese entrées pc frozen vegetables club size selected varieties nebeid cones orumstick com descation for applies to $100 at anycostel happy bar and wars pc optimus points combedd trward the pothose of picture varlaluly 8x20alca nort sidekicks fettucine arredo chicken oth bouillon oulet knorr sidekicks side dishes selected varieties no name pasta selected varietiesw macaroni nescafe taster's rich riche nescafé or taster's choice nere instant coffee selected varieties choice no name brotheef selected varias cer fenton sidekicks intense para spaghettini startet multi less than 2 $2.69 ea ensure ensure coca cola yer royale motts amato mott's garden cocktail or clamato juice 189l ocean spray 100% juice blend or cocktail ocean spray selected variedas coca-cola canada dry or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties royale bathroom tissue 12 double rolls tiger towels paper towels 6's or facial tissue 6's selected varieties glucerna 6x237 ml boost 6x237 l meal replacement drinks or boost protein+ shake selected varieties royale ori d.d||--|| coca-cola cranberry coca boost pepsi royale original da back

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